MyShelf - Suit yourself!

MyShelf is your personal shelf for notes, pictures, links, text snippets of any kind. You have them with you at all times - in your mobile, in your tablet and at home on your desktop.

  • Don't lose anything! Have all important data with you on all your devices at any time. Sync your mobile devices using MyShelf Desktop.
  • Be independent! Have full control over your data. MyShelf does not rely on a cloud service. No concerns on privacy, no service downtimes and no network problems.
  • Why different apps, when you can have all in one? No extra app for every purpose. Use meaningful keywords as tags to have unlimited types of shelves in MyShelf. The all-in-one approach offers a complete new point of view on all your data.
  • Don't spend more money than necessary! No monthly service fees and no premium features fees. No kind of Internet service is involved for storing and syncing your data. Just buy it once and use it eternally!

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